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Unstable relationship between spring Arctic Oscillation and East Asian summer monsoon

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Unstable relationship between spring Arctic Oscillation and East Asian summer monsoon
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봄철 북극진동과 동아시아 여름몬순의 불안정한 관계에대한 연구
Miao-Ni Gao
Kim, Seong-Joong
Dao-Yi Gong
Yang Jing
Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences
Climate Change; East Asian Monsoon; Spring Arctic Oscillation
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Miao-Ni Gao, et al. 2014. "Unstable relationship between spring Arctic Oscillation and East Asian summer monsoon". INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY, 34: 2522-2528.
The relationship between spring (March to May) Arctic Oscillation (AO) and East Asian summer monsoon (EASM, May to July) on interannual timescale has a remarkable decadal variation in late 1990s, and their correlation coefficient abruptly turns from +0.77 during 1979?1997 to ?0.62 during 1998?2007. In the following summer after a spring positive AO phase, the lower-troposphere over East Asia (EA) features a cyclonic anomaly before 1997 but an anticyclonic anomaly after 1997, which results from different simultaneous air?sea features imposed by spring AO and distinctive evolution from spring to summer. In pre-1997, the spring AO-associated signal is mainly memorized and persists over Pacific, because the spring AO-associated wave activity prefers the high-latitude propagation from North Atlantic to Pacific. In contrast, a subtropical wave train from North Atlantic Ocean to Indian Ocean (IO) is evidently enhanced in post-1997 epoch, and accordingly the IO plays a dominant role in memorizing and extending the influence of spring AO on EASM. This subtropical route of spring AO-EASM teleconnection is a new finding. The strengthening of the subtropical wave train in post-1997 epoch could be partly attributed to the strengthening signals of spring AO over North Atlantic Ocean.
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