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  • 1 Proceeding Snow depth manipulation experiments in dry and moist tundra

    건조, 습윤 툰드라에서의 강설 모사 실험


    권민정; Ioan Wagner; Nam, Sungjin; Lee, Yoo Kyung; Kim, Mincheol; Jung, Ji Young; Claudia I. Czimczik

  • 2 Poster Overview of KOPRI's research in Council

    미국 알래스카 카운실에서의 극지연구소 연구 활동


    권민정; Lee, Bang Yong; Lee, Yoo Kyung; 윤주열; Park, Sangjong; 박근보; Nam, Sungjin; Kim, Mincheol; Jung, Ji Young; Chae, Nam Yi