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Large loss of CO2 in winter observed across the northern permafrost region

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Large loss of CO2 in winter observed across the northern permafrost region
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북부 동토지역에서 관측된 겨울철 이산화탄소의 대규모 손실
Susan M. Natali
Jennifer D. Watts
Brendan M. Rogers
Stefano Potter
Sarah M. Ludwig
Anne-Katrin Selbmann
Anne-Katrin Selbmann
Patrick F. Sullivan
Benjamin W. Abbott
Kyle A. Arndt
Leah Birch
Mats P. Bjo?rkman
A. Anthony Bloom
Gerardo Celis
Torben R. Christensen
Casper T. Christiansen
Roisin Commane
Elisabeth J. Cooper
Patrick Crill
Claudia Czimczik
Sergey Davydov
Jinyang Du
Jocelyn E. Egan
Bo Elberling
Eugenie S. Euskirchen
Thomas Friborg
Helene Genet
Mathias Gockede
Jordan P. Goodrich
Paul Grogan
Manuel Helbig
Elchin E. Jafarov
Julie D. Jastrow
Aram A. M. Kalhori
Yongwon Kim
John S. Kimball
Lars Kutzbach
Mark J. Lara
Klaus S. Larsen
Lee, Bang Yong
Zhihua Liu
Michael M. Loranty
Magnus Lund
Massimo Lupascu
Nima Madani
Avni Malhotra
Roser Matamala
Jack McFarland
A. David McGuire
Anders Michelsen
Christina Minions
Walter C. Oechel
David Olefeldt
Frans-Jan W. Parmentier
Norbert Pirk
Ben Poulter
William Quinton
Fereidoun Rezanezhad
David Risk
Torsten Sachs
Kevin Schaefer
Niels M. Schmidt
Edward A. G. Schuur
Philipp R. Semenchuk
Gaius Shaver
Oliver Sonnentag
Gregory Starr
Claire C. Treat
Mark P. Waldrop
Yihui Wang
Jeffrey Welker
Christian Wille
Xiaofeng Xu
Zhen Zhang
Qianlai Zhuang
Donatella Zona
Arctic; CO2 flux; Large loss of CO2; permafrost region; winter
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Susan M. Natali, et al. 2019. "Large loss of CO2 in winter observed across the northern permafrost region". NATURE CLIMATE CHANGE, 9(1): 852-857.
Recent warming in the Arctic, which has been amplified during the winter1?3, greatly enhances microbial decomposition of soil organic matter and subsequent release of carbon dioxide (CO2)4. However, the amount of CO2 released in winter is not known and has not been well represented by ecosystem models or empirically based estimates5,6. Here we synthesize regional in situ observations of CO2 flux from Arctic and boreal soils to assess current and future winter carbon losses from the northern permafrost domain. We estimate a contemporary loss of 1,662 TgC per year from the permafrost region during the winter season (October?April). This loss is greater than the average growing season carbon uptake for this region estimated from process models (?1,032 TgC per year). Extending model predictions to warmer conditions up to 2100 indicates that winter CO2 emissions will increase 17% under a moderate mitigation scenario―Representative Concentration Pathway 4.5―and 41% under business-as-usual emissions scenario―Representative Concentration Pathway 8.5. Our results provide a baseline for winter CO2 emissions from northern terrestrial regions and indicate that enhanced soil CO2 loss due to winter warming may offset growing season carbon uptake under future climatic conditions.
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