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The high resolution record of atmospheric selenium recovered from Greenland snow

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The high resolution record of atmospheric selenium recovered from Greenland snow
Lee, Khanghyun
Hong, Sang-Bum
Lee, Jeonghoon
Chung, Ji Woong
Hur, Soon Do
Hong, Sungmin
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The high resolution record of atmospheric selenium recovered from Greenland snowKhanghyun Lee, Sang Bum Hong, Jeonghoon Lee, Jiwoong Chung, Soon Do Hur, Sungmin Hong. 2015. Arctic Science Summit Week 2015, Toyama International Conference Center, 2015.04.27.-30.
Selenium concentrations were determined in a continuous series of 70 snow samples collected from a 3.2 m snow pit at northwestern Greenland together with soluble ions such as sodium (Na+), calcium (Ca2+), methanesulfonic acid (MSA), sulfate (SOsub>42- ) and oxygen isotope ratio (δ18O). The Se concentrations in the snow samples at the low pg/g level were successfully determined using the inductively coupled plasma sector field mass Spectrometry (ICP-SF-MS) with an APEX high-sensitivity inlet system and ACM membrane desolvation module. The well defined depth profiles of δ18O, Na+ and Ca2+ indicated that the snow pit samples covered the time period from spring 2003 to summer 2009. A strong variability in Se concentrations, ranging from 7.2 to 45.1 pg/g, are observed with generally higher values during winter and spring and lower values during summer and fall. Concentrations of Se showed rather significant correlations with Ca2+ (r=0.400) and non-sea salt SO2- (r=0.447), indicating that significant anthropogenic Se input to the snow is likely controlled by the seasonality of transport efficiency of anthropogenic Se from the source regions of Asia. The high Se/MSA ratios and crustal enrichment factors are generally coincident with relatively high Se concentrations. This supports that a significant part of Se present in the snow layers is primarily attributed to anthropogenic inputs.
Conference Name
Arctic Science Summit Week 2015
Conference Place
Toyama, Japan
Conference Date
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