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Time Trend of PBDEs in Serum Obtained from Korean General Population

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Time Trend of PBDEs in Serum Obtained from Korean General Population
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한국인 일반 인구에서 얻은 혈청내의 PBDEs의 시간적 동향
Kim, Jongchul
Chang, Yoon-Seok
Kang, Jung-Ho
Human serum; PBDEs; Time trend
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Kim, Jongchul, Chang, Yoon-Seok, Kang, Jung-Ho. 2014. Time Trend of PBDEs in Serum Obtained from Korean General Population. 코리아팝스포럼 동계학회. 홍천 대명비발디파크. 2014.02.12~2014.02.14.
The present study aimed to provide time trend of polybrominated dipheny1 ethers (PBDE) in serum obtained from Korean general population. The concentration of 7 ∑PBDE congeners (BDE-28, 47, 99, 100, 153, 154, and 183) was determined with 103 human serum collected at 2006. The concentrations of ∑PBDEs (sum of seven congeners) ranged from 0.13 to 31.8 ng g-1 lipid with the median ∑PBDEs concentration of 6.70 ng g-1 lipid. The correlation of PBDE congeners with demographic literature, the peak and schematic time trend of ∑PBDEs concentration was estimated. The concentration of ∑PBDEs decreased with time and the peak of ∑PBDEs was before 2001. Futhermore, 6 pooled serum samples covered from 2006 to 2013 were analyzed to observe temporal trend. The highest concentration of ∑PBDEs was shown in 2006 (5.98 ng/g lipid) followed by a decrease in 2013 (2.98 ng/g lipid). Each congener showed different decreasing rates of the concentration.
Conference Name
코리아팝스포럼 동계학회
Conference Place
홍천 대명비발디파크
Conference Date
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