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  • 1 Proceeding The Opening of the Arctic-Atlantic Gateway: Tectonic, Oceanographic and Climatic Dynamics - an IODP Initiative Geissler, Wolfram H.; Knies, Jochen; Nielsen, Tove; Gaina, Carmen; Matthiessen, Jens; Gebhardt, Catalina; Damm, Volkmar; Forwick, Matthias; Hjelstuen, Berit Oline; Hopper, John R.; Husum, Katrine; Laberg, Jan Sverre; Kuerschner, Wolfram; Morigi, Caterina; SSchreck, Michael; Tripati, Aradhna K.; Vogt, Christoph Martin; Rebesco, Michele; Nam, Seung-Il; Carlson, Anders E.; Schepper, Stijn De; Lucchi, Renata; Mattingsdal, Rune; Jokat, Wilfried; Stein, Ruediger 2014