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  • 1 Article Atmospheric histories and global emissions of halons H-1211 (CBrClF2), H-1301 (CBrF3), and H-2402 (CBrF2CBrF2) Martin K. Vollmer; Paul J. Fraser; Ronald G. Prinn; Ray F. Weiss; Peter G. Simmonds; James H. Butler; James W. Elkins; Jakob Schwander; Thomas Blunier; Lingxi Zhou; Ray L. Langenfelds; Peter K. Salameh; Matthias Hill; Ray H. J. Wang; Norbert Schmidbauer; Ove Hermansen; Rhee, Tae Siek; Chris R. Lunder; L. Paul Steele; Geoff Dutton; Sunyoung Park; Daniel P. Verdonik; Shanlan Li; David M. Etheridge; Michela Maione; Simon O'Doherty; Stefan Reimann; Bo Yao; Angelina Wenger; Jgor Arduini; Jooil Kim; Dickon Young; Bradley D. Hall; Paul B. Krummel; Stephan Henne; Benjamin R. Miller; Christina M. Harth; Stephen A. Montzka; Matthew Rigby; Cathy M. Trudinger; Jens Muehle 2016