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Simulation of Past 6000-Year Climate by Using the Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity LOVECLIM

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dc.contributor.authorJun, Sang-Yoon-
dc.description.abstractThis study introduces the overall characteristics of LOVECLIM version 1.3, the earth system model of intermediate complexity (EMIC), including the installation and operation processes by conducting two kinds of past climate simulation. First climate simulation is the equilibrium experiment during the mid-Holocene (6,000 BP), when orbital parameters were different compared to those at present. The overall accuracy of simulated global atmospheric fields by LOVECLIM is relatively lower than that in Coupled Model Intercomparison Project phase 5 (CMIP5) and Paleoclimate modelling Intercomparison Project phase 3 (PMIP3) simulations. However, surface temperature over the globe, the 800 hPa meridional wind over the mid-latitude coastal region, and the 200 hPa zonal wind from LOVECLIM show similar spatial distribution to those multi-model mean of CMIP5/PMIP3 climate models. Second one is the transient climate experiment from mid-Holocene to present. LOVECLIM well captures the major differences in surface temperature between preindustrial and mid-Holocene simulations by CMIP5/PMIP3 multi-model mean, even though it was performed with short integration time (i.e., about four days in a single CPU environment). In this way, although the earth system model of intermediate complexity has a limit due to its relatively low accuracy, it can be a very useful tool in the specific research area such as paleoclimate.en_US
dc.titleSimulation of Past 6000-Year Climate by Using the Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity LOVECLIMen_US
dc.title.alternative중간복잡도 지구시스템모델 LOVECLIM을 이용한 과거 6천년 기후 변화 모의en_US
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationJun, Sang-Yoon. 2019. "Simulation of Past 6000-Year Climate by Using the Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity LOVECLIM". <em>대기</em>, 29(1): 87-103.en_US
dc.description.jcrRateJCR 2017:0en_US
dc.subject.keywordPaleoclimate modelingen_US
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2018-2018, Study of change in Arctic sea ice during last 6,000 years by using global climate model (18-18) / Jun, Sang-Yoon
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