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Responses of soil micro-eukaryotic communities to decadal drainage in a Siberian wet tussock tundra

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dc.contributor.authorMyeong, Nu Ri-
dc.contributor.authorMathias Gockede-
dc.contributor.authorBinu M. Tripathi-
dc.contributor.authorKim, Mincheol-
dc.description.abstractClimate warming holds the potential to cause extensive drying of wetlands in the Arctic, but the warming-drying effects on belowground ecosystems, particularly micro-eukaryotes, remain poorly understood. We investigated the responses of soil micro-eukaryotic communities, including fungi, protists, and microbial metazoa, to decadal drainage manipulation in a Siberian wet tundra using both amplicon and shotgun metagenomic sequencing. Our results indicate that drainage treatment increased the abundance of both fungal and non-fungal micro-eukaryotic communities, with key groups such as Ascomycota (mostly order Helotiales), Nematoda, and Tardigrada being notably abundant in drained sites. Functional traits analysis showed an increase in litter saprotrophic fungi and protistan consumers, indicating their increased activities in drained sites. The effects of drainage were more pronounced in the surface soil layer than the deeper layer, as soils dry and warm from the surface. Marked compositional shifts were observed for both communities, with fungal communities being more strongly influenced by drainage-induced vegetation change than the lowered water table itself, while the vegetation effect on non-fungal micro-eukaryotes was moderate. These findings provide insights into how belowground micro-eukaryotic communities respond to the widespread drying of wetlands in the Arctic and improve our predictive understanding of future ecosystem changes.-
dc.titleResponses of soil micro-eukaryotic communities to decadal drainage in a Siberian wet tussock tundra-
dc.title.alternative시베리아 습지 툰드라 지역의 토양 건조에 의한 미세 진핵 생물 군집 반응-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationMyeong, Nu Ri, et al. 2024. "Responses of soil micro-eukaryotic communities to decadal drainage in a Siberian wet tussock tundra". <em>FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY</em>, 14(0): 0-0.-
dc.description.jcrRateJCR 2022:24.818-
dc.subject.keywordArctic tundra-
dc.subject.keywordclimate warming-
dc.subject.keyworddrainage treatment-
dc.subject.keywordpermafrost thaw-
dc.subject.keywordsoil micro-eukaryotic community-
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