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Skin-Bulk Difference in Pacific using Transits of Ice Breaker

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Skin-Bulk Difference in Pacific using Transits of Ice Breaker
Kim, Hyeongmu
Kim, Hyun-cheol
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Kim, Hyeongmu, Kim, Hyun-cheol. 2014. Skin-Bulk Difference in Pacific using Transits of Ice Breaker. 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting(OSM). Honolulu. 2014.02.23-28.
A data set containing sea surface skin and bulk temperature, measured simultaneously at same location in Pacific during 2010, 2011, 2012 using trasits of icebreaker Araon and difference are assessed to evaluate the implications of temperature difference to satellite remote sensing. Skin temperature(Ts) at depth 0m and bulk temperature(Tb) at depth 7m are observed using methods that coupled temperature(T) must share spationtemporally and have explicitly overall evaluation errors of deference(△) wwhich were presented by in terms of standard deviation(SD), standard error(SE), and error of smmpling(ES) of in situe daa. Experimental results show T△ can be discussed that Tb is warmer △T average fo 0.986K within the accuracy of ±0.78K SD and ±0.01K SE in ca of ±2.18% ES within the confidence interval of 95% than Ts durin spring, summer and fall in Pacific and Southern Ocean.
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2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting(OSM)
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2014-2016, SaTellite Remote Sensing on West Antarctic Ocean Research (STAR) (14-16) / Kim; Hyun-cheol (PE14040; PE15040; PE16040)
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