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Ice-cover History and Paleoceanographic Change of the Western Arctic Ocean (Mendeleev Ridge) using Be isotopes

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dc.contributor.authorJull, A.J.Timothy-
dc.contributor.authorKim, Kyeong Ja-
dc.contributor.authorNam, Seung-Il-
dc.coverage.spatialMendeleev Ridge-
dc.description.abstractA new investigation of paleoclimate and environmental changes using beryllium isotopes in sediment from the Mendeleev Ridge of the western Arctic Ocean was accomplished using a 39 cm-long box core record. The age of core PS72/396-3 appears to date back to MIS 5.d based on the stratigraphy of beryllium isotopes and paleomagnetic data and other isotopic data of this study, AMS <sup>14</sup>C ages and oxygen and carbon isotopes of planktonic foraminifera <em>N. pachyderma</em> sin. Both authigenic <sup>10</sup>Be and <sup>9</sup>Be records show that there are three major cold periods during MIS 5.d and reveals a much longer warm period after the second cold period based on <sup>9</sup>Be record. The <sup>10</sup>Be stratigraphy also reveals a paleomagetic excursion at 45 kyr which is comparable to other records. At depths from 22 to 25 cm, the lowest <sup>10</sup>Be signal may be due to the highest paleomagnetic intensity, which is indicated as an age of 75 kyr from other records. However, a reduction in cosmogenic 10Be could be due to ice cover, and is correlated with δ<sup>10</sup>O evidence fo a cold period. Interestingly, Be data show that constant input of Be to the Mendeleev Ridge is observed for this time period. During this time period, TOC (%) values also show a similar pattern. The record of authigenic Be is inversely correlated to that of Ca and proportional to opal production. These observations confirm that Be can also be a good proxy as a climatic tracer. This study may be a useful approach for understanding Arctic climate change.-
dc.titleIce-cover History and Paleoceanographic Change of the Western Arctic Ocean (Mendeleev Ridge) using Be isotopes-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationJull, A.J.Timothy, Kim, Kyeong Ja, Nam, Seung-Il. 2014. Ice-cover History and Paleoceanographic Change of the Western Arctic Ocean (Mendeleev Ridge) using Be isotopes. AGU FALL MEETING,. San Francisco. 2014.12.15-19.-
dc.citation.conferenceNameAGU FALL MEETING,-
dc.citation.conferencePlaceSan Francisco-
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2014-2016, Characteristics of gas hydrate and reconstruction of paleo-environment changes in the western Arctic (14-16) / Nam, Seung-Il (PE14062; PE15062; PE16062)
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