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Taxonomic Revision of Gracilaria “verrucosa” from Russian Far East Based on Morphological and Molecular Data

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dc.contributor.authorChoi, Han-Gu-
dc.contributor.authorAnna V. Skriptsova-
dc.coverage.spatialPacific Ocean-
dc.coverage.spatialRussian Federation-
dc.coverage.spatialEast Sea-
dc.description.abstractGracilaria “verrucosa” is regarded an invalid name and the combination G. gracilis has been used in recent studies of Gracilaria from the Russian coast of the East Sea (=Sea of Japan). This has created nomenclatural confusion within members of the genus in this region. Here, we revise the taxonomy of G. “verrucosa” from Peter the Great Bay (East Sea, Russia) based on a morpho-anatomical characters and comparison of nuclear SSU rDNA, plastid rbcL and mitochondrial cox1 sequence data. No differences were found between the sequences for attached and unattached forms of Gracilaria “verrucosa”. Molecular data also indicated that G. “verrucosa” from Peter the Great Bay is conspecific with Gracilaria vermiculophylla from the northwestern Pacific and the Russian population is closely related to Korean-Japanese populations from the East Sea rather than to populations on the Pacific coast of Japan.-
dc.publisherWalter de Gryyter-
dc.subjectPlant Sciences-
dc.subjectMarine & Freshwater Biology-
dc.titleTaxonomic Revision of Gracilaria “verrucosa” from Russian Far East Based on Morphological and Molecular Data-
dc.title.alternative형태와 분자 자료에 근거한 러시아 동해안에 생육하는 Gracilaria “verrucosa” 의 분류학적 재검토-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationChoi, Han-Gu, Anna V. Skriptsova. 2009. "Taxonomic Revision of Gracilaria “verrucosa” from Russian Far East Based on Morphological and Molecular Data". <em>Botanica Marina</em>, 52(4): 331-340.-
dc.citation.titleBotanica Marina-
dc.description.jcrRateJCR 2007:64.47368421052632-
dc.subject.keywordEast Sea-
dc.subject.keywordmitochondrial cox1 sequence da-
dc.subject.keywordmorphological charcters-
dc.subject.keywordplastid rbcL-
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