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Prominent features in isotopic, chemical and dust stratigraphies from coastal East Antarctic ice sheet (Eastern Wilkes Land)

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dc.description.abstractIn this work we present the isotopic, chemical and dust stratigraphies of two snow pits sampled in 2013/14 at GV7 (coastal East Antarctica: 70 410 S - 158 510 E, 1950 m a.s.l.). A large number of chemical species are measured aiming to study their potentiality as environmental changes markers. Seasonal cluster backward trajectories analysis was performed and compared with chemical marker stratigraphies. Sea spray aerosol is delivered to the sampling site together with snow precipitation especially in autumn-winter by air masses arising from Western Pacific Ocean sector. Dust show maximum concentration in spring when the air masses arising from Ross Sea sector mobilize mineral dust from ice-free areas of the Transantarctic mountains. The clear seasonal pattern of sulfur oxidized compounds allows the dating of the snow-pit and the calculation of the mean accumulation rate, which is 242 ± 71 mm w.e. for the period 2008e2013.-
dc.subjectEnvironmental Sciences & Ecology-
dc.titleProminent features in isotopic, chemical and dust stratigraphies from coastal East Antarctic ice sheet (Eastern Wilkes Land)-
dc.title.alternative동남극 빙상(동부 윌크스 랜드)의 동위 원소, 화학 조성, 먼지 층서 주요 특징-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationB. Narcisi, et al. 2017. "Prominent features in isotopic, chemical and dust stratigraphies from coastal East Antarctic ice sheet (Eastern Wilkes Land)". <em>CHEMOSPHERE</em>, 176(1): 273-287.-
dc.description.jcrRateJCR 2015:16.444-
dc.subject.keywordChemical composition-
dc.subject.keywordSnow pit-
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2014-2016, Investigation of Climate Change Mechanism by Observation and Simulation of Polar Climate for The Past and Present (14-16) / Kim, Seong-Joong
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