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High Resolution Ocean Color Products Estimation in Fjord of Svalbard, Arctic Sea using Landsat-8 OLI

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dc.contributor.authorKim, Sang-Il-
dc.contributor.authorHyun, Chang-Uk-
dc.contributor.authorKim, Hyun-cheol-
dc.coverage.spatialArctic Sea-
dc.description.abstractOcean Color products have been used to understand marine ecosystem. In high latitude region, ice melting optically influences the ocean color products. In this study, we assessed optical properties in fjord around Svalbard Arctic sea, and estimated distribution of chlorophyll-a and suspended sediment by using high resolution satellite data, Landsat-8 OLI (Operational Land Imager). To estimate chlorophyll-a and suspended sediment concentrations, various regression models were tested with different band ratio. The regression models were not shown high correlation because of temporal difference between satellite data and in-situ data. However, model-derived distribution of ocean color products from OLI showed a possibility that fjord and coastal areas around Arctic Sea can be monitored with high resolution satellite data. To understand climate change pattern around Arctic Sea, we need to understand ice meting influences on marine ecosystem change. Results of this study will be used to high resolution monitoring of ice melting and its influences on the marine ecosystem change at high latitude. KOPRI (Korea Polar Research Institute) has been operated the Dasan station on Svalbard since 2002, and study was conducted using Arctic station.-
dc.subjectScience & Technology - Other Topics-
dc.titleHigh Resolution Ocean Color Products Estimation in Fjord of Svalbard, Arctic Sea using Landsat-8 OLI-
dc.title.alternativeLandsat-8 OLI를 이용한 북극해 스발바드 피요르드의 고해상도 Ocean Color Product 산출-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationKim, Sang-Il, Hyun, Chang-Uk, Kim, Hyun-cheol. 2014. "High Resolution Ocean Color Products Estimation in Fjord of Svalbard, Arctic Sea using Landsat-8 OLI". <em>Korean Journal of Remote Sensing</em>, 30(6): 809-816.-
dc.citation.titleKorean Journal of Remote Sensing-
dc.description.jcrRateJCR 2012:0-
dc.subject.keywordArctic Sea-
dc.subject.keywordLandsat-8 OLI-
dc.subject.keywordOcean Color-
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2009-2014, Optimun Utilization of Satellite Data for Polar Research (09-14)/ Kim, Hyun-cheol
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