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Production of an Ice Binding Protein from Flavobacterium frigoris PS1 by Fermentaion of Pichia pastoris

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dc.contributor.authorKim, Eun Jae-
dc.contributor.authorHan, Se Jong-
dc.contributor.authorLee, Sung Gu-
dc.contributor.authorLee, Jun Hyuck-
dc.contributor.authorDo, Hackwon-
dc.description.abstractTo survive in sub-zero temperatures, polar organisms produce Ice Binding Proteins (IBPs) in internal organs. These IBPs prevent formation of large intracellular ice crystals, which have fatal effects on the organism. We have isolated FfIBP, the IBP from the Gram-negative bacterium Flavobacterium frigoris PS1 from the Antarctic sea ice. FfIBP was cloned and produced by recombinant Pichia pastoris by using fed-batch fermentation with methanol feeding for 120 h. The laboratory-scale (7-L) production of FfIBP was performed to optimize the culture conditions such as pH and temperature. The optimal temperature and pH were determined to be 30 ℃ and pH 5.0 for FfIBP production. The total amount of secreted protein was ~519 mg/L, 50 % of which was FfIBP, yielding ~259 mg/L. The highest thermal hysteresis (TH) activity of FfIBP was about 1.7 ℃ from fermentaion sample at 120 h. These results provide key aspects associated with the large-scale production of an ice binding protein, FfIBP-
dc.titleProduction of an Ice Binding Protein from Flavobacterium frigoris PS1 by Fermentaion of Pichia pastoris-
dc.title.alternativePichia pastoris 발효에 의한 Flavobacterium frigoris PS1에서 분리된 결빙방지단백질의 생산-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationKim, Eun Jae, et al. 2014. Production of an Ice Binding Protein from Flavobacterium frigoris PS1 by Fermentaion of Pichia pastoris. The 20th International Symposium on Polar Sciences (ISPS). 인천 극지연구소. 2014.05.27~2014.05.29.-
dc.citation.conferenceNameThe 20th International Symposium on Polar Sciences (ISPS)-
dc.citation.conferencePlace인천 극지연구소-
dc.subject.keywordice binding protein-
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2014-2016, Antarctic Organisms: Cold-Adaptation Mechanism and Its Application (14-16) / Park; Hyun
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