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Reconstructed plutonium fallout in the GV7 firn core from Northern Victoria Land, East Antarctica

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dc.contributor.authorHwang, Heejin-
dc.contributor.authorB. Narcisi-
dc.contributor.authorM. Frezzotti-
dc.contributor.authorHur, Soon Do-
dc.contributor.authorLee, Khanghyun-
dc.contributor.authorHong, Sang-Bum-
dc.contributor.authorKang, Jung-Ho-
dc.contributor.authorHan, Yeongcheol-
dc.description.abstractAtmospheric nuclear explosions during the period from the 1940s to the 1980s are the major anthropogenic source of plutonium (Pu) in the environment. In this work, we analyzed fg g-1 levels of artificial Pu, released predominantly by atmospheric nuclear weapons tests. We measured 351 samples which collected a 78 m-depth fire core at the site of GV7 (S 70°41'17.1", E 158°51'48.9", 1950 m a.s.l.), Northern Victoria Land, East Antarctica. To determine the Pu concentration in the samples, we used an inductively coupled plasma sector field mass spectrometry coupled with an Apex high-efficiency sample introduction system, which has the advantages of small sample consumption and simple sample preparation. We reconstructed the firn core Pu fallout record for the period after 1954 CE shows a significant fluctuation in agreement with past atmospheric nuclear testing. These data will contribute to ice core research by providing depth-age information.-
dc.titleReconstructed plutonium fallout in the GV7 firn core from Northern Victoria Land, East Antarctica-
dc.title.alternative동남극 북빅토리아랜드 GV7 천부빙하코어에서 플루토늄 낙진 복원-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationHwang, Heejin, et al. 2017. Reconstructed plutonium fallout in the GV7 firn core from Northern Victoria Land, East Antarctica. 2017 AGU Fall Meeting. 뉴올리언스 Morial Convention Center. 2017.12.11~2017.12.15.-
dc.citation.conferenceName2017 AGU Fall Meeting-
dc.citation.conferencePlace뉴올리언스 Morial Convention Center-
dc.subject.keywordGV7 ice core-
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2017-2018, Reconstruction of past climate and environmental changes using high resolution ice core records in Victoria Land, Antarctica (17-18) / Hur, Soon Do
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