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Phylogenetic Analysis of Antarctic Marine Bacteria

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Phylogenetic Analysis of Antarctic Marine Bacteria
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남극 해양 세균의 계통 분석
Cho, Hyun Hee
Cho, Kyeung Hee
Lee, Hong Kum
Yim, Joung Han
Lee, Yoo Kyung
Antarctic bacteria; CFB group; Gram-positive; Proteobacteria; diversity
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Cho, Hyun Hee, et al. 2005. Phylogenetic Analysis of Antarctic Marine Bacteria. 한국미생물연합회. 한국미생물연합회. 2005.10.14~.
Antarctic bacteria were isolated from various marine environments, and identified using phylogenetic analysis on the basis of 16S rDNA sequences. Sediments, macro algae, marine animal and sea water samples were collected from around the Korean Antarctic Research Station King Sejong on King George Island, Antarctica (62°13′ S, 58°47′ W). The collected samples were transported to KOPRI under frozen conditions, diluted in sterilized seawater, and cultured on zobell agar plates at 10℃ and 25℃. Total 230 bacterial isolates were cultured and preserved in glycerol media (15%, v/v) at –
80℃. Phylogenetic analysis of the bacterial isolates indicated that they belonged to alpha-Proteobacteria (1.3%), beta-Proteobacteria (0.4%), gamma-Proteobacteria (42.2%), CFB group (23.5%), High GC Gram-positive bacteria (22.2%), and Low GC Gram-positive bacteria (10.4%). Among them, eleven isolates were candidates for new species
the closest cultured bacteria with validly published names were Cellulophaga baltica, Colwellia piezophila, Devosia neptuniae, Janibacter marinus, Polaribacter irgensii, Plantibacter flavus, Rheinheimera baltica, Roseobacter gallaeciensis, Sanguibacter keddieii, Subtercola boreus, and Thiobacillus prosperus.
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