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Methane flux and gas hydrate and seismic activity in the Sea of Okhotsk

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dc.contributor.authorJin, Young Keun-
dc.contributor.authorH. Shoji-
dc.contributor.authorR. Renat-
dc.contributor.authorO. Vereshchangian-
dc.contributor.authorA. Salyuk-
dc.contributor.authorA. Obzhirov-
dc.coverage.spatialSea of Okhotsken_US
dc.description.abstractMethane was studied in water column and sediment in Sea of Okhotsk during 1984-2004. There were found flux of bubbles of methane from sediment to water column, gas hydrate in surface sediment layes and amomalies of methane as well as in water column and sediment. As a result in Sea of Okhotsk were found fluxes of methane in water column and gas hydrate in sediment. Flux (flare) and anomalies of methane as well as in water column and sediment very good correlate with gas hydrate field in seismo-tectonic activity area (zone fault). In this case flares and methane anomalies may use like indicator to look for gas hydrate. Gas hydrate in Sea of Okhotsk was found due to methane anomalies in water column-
dc.titleMethane flux and gas hydrate and seismic activity in the Sea of Okhotsk-
dc.title.alternative오호츠크해의 메탄 플럭스와 가크하이드레이트 및 지진활동-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationJin, Young Keun, et al. 2005. Methane flux and gas hydrate and seismic activity in the Sea of Okhotsk. Tapir Academic Press. Tapir Academic Press. 2005.06.13~.-
dc.citation.conferenceNameTapir Academic Press-
dc.citation.conferencePlaceTapir Academic Press-
dc.subject.keywordMethane flux-
dc.subject.keywordSea of Okhotsk-
dc.subject.keywordgas hydrate-
dc.subject.keywordseismic activity-
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2004-2011, Oceanographic Research on the Arctic Sea (04-11) / Chung, Kyung Ho; Lee, Sang Heon
2003-2005, Research on the Arctic Atmospheric Environments and Mineral Resources (03-05) / Kim, Yeadong
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