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Holocene paleoenvironmental research in the western South Orkney Islands, Antarctica

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dc.contributor.authorBak, Young-Suk-
dc.contributor.authorLee, Jae Il-
dc.contributor.authorYoon, Ho Il-
dc.contributor.authorLee, Jong-Deock-
dc.description.abstractHolocene paleoenvironmental history in the western South Orkney Islands have been reconstructed through diatom analysis from sediment core GC02-SOI03. Three diatom zones have been identified on the basis of frequency of the critical taxa throughout the section. High concentration of open water species and Eucampia antarctica var. antarctica in the diatom assemblage zone I indicates open water environment with little sea-ice during the early Holocene. Sea-ice species and Eucampia antarctica var. recta increase in abundance in the diatom assemblage zone II, suggesting increased sea-ice cover in the study area since 5ka. Even more extensive sea-ice coverage during the late Holocene is implied by abundant sea-ice species and decreased Corethron criophilum.-
dc.titleHolocene paleoenvironmental research in the western South Orkney Islands, Antarctica-
dc.title.alternative남극 사우스오크니 제도의 홀로세 고환경 연구-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationBak, Young-Suk, et al. 2007. Holocene paleoenvironmental research in the western South Orkney Islands, Antarctica. 한국고생물학회. 한국고생물학회. 2007.02.21~.-
dc.subject.keywordSouth Orkeny-
dc.subject.keyworddiatom assemblage-
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2006-2008, Reconstruction of paleoclimate and paleoceanography of polar regions to understand the response of future global warming (06-08) / Yoon, Ho Il; Lee, Jae Il
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