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AVO analysis on BSR in the northern regions of the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

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dc.contributor.authorJin, Young Keun-
dc.contributor.authorLee, Jung Mo-
dc.contributor.authorHong, Jong Kuk-
dc.contributor.authorLee, Joohan-
dc.description.abstractGeophysical survey has been conducted on the continental margin off the South Shetland Islands aboard R/V Onnuri of KORDI in 1992/1993. About 800-line km of 96-channel reflection data have been acquired. On the seismic section, BSR with strong reflectivity and negative polarity has been found at 700 ms below the sea bottom. BSR is considered as the base of gas hydrates and AVO analysis was performed to study physical properties along BSR. True amplitude recovery and surface consistence amplitude were applied to seismic data and angle gathers were obtained. AVO gradient and AVO intercept are calculated on every CDP gather. Section of AVO intercept show strong reflectivity and negative polarity on BSRs and stronger continuity of BSR than stacked section. Cross plot of intercept-gradient indicates that the lower layer below BSR is filled with free gas.-
dc.titleAVO analysis on BSR in the northern regions of the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica-
dc.title.alternative남극 남쉐틀랜드 북부지역에서 나타나는 BSR의 AVO반응-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationJin, Young Keun, et al. 2007. AVO analysis on BSR in the northern regions of the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica. 한국물리탐사학회 대한지구물리학회. 한국물리탐사학회 대한지구물리학회. 2007.06.07~.-
dc.citation.conferenceName한국물리탐사학회 대한지구물리학회-
dc.citation.conferencePlace한국물리탐사학회 대한지구물리학회-
dc.subject.keywordAVO analysis-
dc.subject.keywordfree gas-
dc.subject.keywordgas hydrates-
dc.subject.keywordseismic data-
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2006-2010, Formation, evolution and neotectonics of Antarctica (06-10) / Lee, Jong Ik; Cheo, Moon Young
2004-2010, Antarctic Marine Geological Survey (04-10) / Hong, Jong Kuk; Nam, SangHeon
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