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Production of psychrophilic chitinase from Antarctic microorganism by recombinant Escherichia coli

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dc.contributor.authorPark, Heeyong-
dc.contributor.authorYim, Joung Han-
dc.contributor.authorHan, Se Jong-
dc.contributor.authorKim, Il-Chan-
dc.contributor.authorKim, Dockyu-
dc.description.abstractIn order to enhance the production of psychrophilic chitinase, recombinant Escherichia coli Top 10 harboring chitinase gene from Antarctic microorganism KOPRI 22718 was cultivated using flask and jar fermentor. Expression of target protein was performed by L-arabinose addition and confirmed by SDS-PAGE and activity test with p-nitrophenyl-N-acetyl-&#61538-
dc.description.abstract-D-glucosaminide as a substrate. To increase the cell density and production of enzyme, modified R-medium was tested as a fermentation medium and effect of L-arabinose concentration was also observed. About 28 times higher enzyme production was obtained by using modified R-medium with lactose and 2.5g/L of L-arabinose in fermentor culture than that by using LB medium in flask culture.-
dc.titleProduction of psychrophilic chitinase from Antarctic microorganism by recombinant Escherichia coli-
dc.title.alternative재조합 대장균에 의한 남극 미생물 유래 저온성 chitinae의 생산-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationPark, Heeyong, et al. 2009. Production of psychrophilic chitinase from Antarctic microorganism by recombinant Escherichia coli. (사) 한국생물공학회. (사) 한국생물공학회. 2009.04.10~.-
dc.citation.conferenceName(사) 한국생물공학회-
dc.citation.conferencePlace(사) 한국생물공학회-
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2006-2010, Procurement and utilization of polar genetic resources (06-10) / Lee, Hong Kum; Yim, Joung Han
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