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Spatial variability of warm eddies in western boundary of Canada Basin: biochemical implication

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dc.contributor.authorHa, Ho Kyung-
dc.contributor.authorChung, Kyung Ho-
dc.contributor.authorYang, Eun Jin-
dc.contributor.authorKim, Young Nam-
dc.description.abstractPhysical and biochemical oceanographic data were intensively collected along the Northwind Ridge (NwR) and western boundary of Canada Basin (CB) between July and August, 2010. Through the water mass identification, Pacific-origin warm water was identified in the depth of 30-150 m, forming the strong warm eddies. In particular, warm eddies were found near the peak of NwR and the continental slope of CB. The nutrient distribution and chlorophyll-a concentration generally matched with the location of warm eddies. Nitrate was the limiting factor of phytoplankton growth, and generally small-sized cells were mostly dominated. However, warm eddy area was characterized by large-sized cells (e.g., diatom). In the context of warm eddies vs. biomass bloom, during the presentation, the spatial variability in temperature and salinity and biochemical responses (i.e., nutrient and plankton biomass) will be presented. Furthermore, microscopic observation and pigment analysis for phytoplankton community study will be discussed.-
dc.titleSpatial variability of warm eddies in western boundary of Canada Basin: biochemical implication-
dc.title.alternative북극해 캐나다분지 서쪽경계면에서의 온난와류의 공간적 변동성-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationHa, Ho Kyung, et al. 2011. Spatial variability of warm eddies in western boundary of Canada Basin: biochemical implication. PICES. PICES. 2011.11.30~.-
dc.subject.keywordCanada basin-
dc.subject.keywordwarm eddy-
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2004-2011, Oceanographic Research on the Arctic Sea (04-11) / Chung, Kyung Ho; Lee, Sang Heon
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