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A Critical Role of Extreme Atlantic Windstorms in Arctic Warming

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A Critical Role of Extreme Atlantic Windstorms in Arctic Warming
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북극 온난화에 북대서양 바람폭풍의 중요한 역할
Hong, Ja-Young
Kim, Baek-Min
Baek, Eun-Hyuk
Kim, Joo-Hong
Zhang, Xiangdong
Kim, Seong-Joong
Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences
Atlantic windstorm; Arctic warming; Extreme windstorm; Storm intensity
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Hong, Ja-Young, et al. 2020. "A Critical Role of Extreme Atlantic Windstorms in Arctic Warming". ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES, 56(1): 17-28.
Here we show that Atlantic windstorms of extreme category in northern winter tend to follow a well-defined route toward the Atlantic sector of Arctic, and that heat and moisture transported by these extreme storms significantly warm the Arctic. A positive North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) condition and the associated intensified upper-level Atlantic jet provide favorable conditions for those extreme storm developments through enhanced vertical wind shear. These extreme windstorms lead to two discernible impacts on the Arctic: 1) enhanced poleward energy transport by moisture intrusion to the Arctic, which accompanies increased longwave downward radiation and 2) the occurrence of blocking-like patterns after the storm break-up. During these periods, significant Arctic warming was observed of a 10-fold increase versus normal and weak storms. The poleward deflections of extreme storms, and the Arctic warming driven by such storms, are well simulated in numerical experiments with ocean-atmosphere coupled models.
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