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HyperSAS Data for Polar Ocean Environments Observation and Ocean Color Validation

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HyperSAS Data for Polar Ocean Environments Observation and Ocean Color Validation
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극지 해양환경 관측 및 고위도 해색 검보정을 위한 초분광 HyperSAS 자료구축
Lee, sungjae
Kim, Hyun-cheol
Antarctic sea; Arctic sea; Chlorophyll; Hyper spectral; HyperSAS; Remote sensing; Suspended Sediment
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Lee, sungjae, Kim, Hyun-cheol. 2018. "HyperSAS Data for Polar Ocean Environments Observation and Ocean Color Validation". 대한원격탐사학회지, 34(6-2): 1203-1213.
In Arctic and Antarctic ocean, remote sensing is the most effective observation for environmental changes due to the inaccessibility of the regions. Even though satellite, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehical) are well known remote sensing platforms, and research vessel also used for automatic measurement on the regions, varied environment of Polar regions require time series and wide coverage of data. Especially, in high latitude, apply an optical satellite remote sensing is not easy due to low sun altitude. In this paper, we introduce an operation of hyper-spectrometer (HyperSAS/Satlantic inc.) which is mounted on Ice Breaker Research Vessel ARAON of Korea Polar Research Institute since 2010, to acquire an above water reflectance atomatically through every research cruise on Arctic and Antarctic ocean and transit both regions. In addition to, auxiliary data for the remotely acquired data, in situ water sampling were also obtained. The above water reflectance and in situ water sampling data are continuously acquired since 2010 will contribute to improve an Ocean Color algorithm in the high latitude and help to understand ocean reflectances over from high latitude through low latitude. Preliminary result from above water reflectance showed characteristics of Arctic ocean and Antarctic Ocean and used to develop algorithms for estimating various ocean factors such as chlorophyll and suspended sediment.
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