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Impact on predictability of tropical and mid-latitude cyclones by extra Arctic observations

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Impact on predictability of tropical and mid-latitude cyclones by extra Arctic observations
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추가 북극 관측의 열대 및 중위도 저기압 예측성에의 영향
Sato, Kazutoshi
Inoue, Jun
Yamazaki, Akira
Kim, Joo-Hong
Makshtas, Alexander
Kustov, Vasilli
Maturilli, Marion
Dethloff, Klaus
Science & Technology
Extra Arctic Observations; Mid-latitude cyclone; Tropical cyclone; Weather extremes
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Kazutoshi Sato, et al. 2018. "Impact on predictability of tropical and mid-latitude cyclones by extra Arctic observations". SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8(0): 12104-NaN.
Recent research has demonstrated that additional winter radiosonde observations in Arctic regions enhance the predictability of mid-latitude weather extremes by reducing uncertainty in the flow of localised tropopause polar vortices. The impacts of additional Arctic observations during summer are usually confined to high latitudes and they are difficult to realize at mid-latitudes because of the limited scale of localised tropopause polar vortices. However, in certain climatic states, the jet stream can intrude remarkably into the mid-latitudes, even in summer; thus, additional Arctic observations might improve analysis validity and forecast skill for summer atmospheric circulations over the Northern Hemisphere. This study examined such cases that occurred in 2016 by focusing on the prediction of the intensity and track of tropical cyclones (TCs) over the North Atlantic and North Pacific, because TCs are representative of extreme weather in summer. The predictabilities of three TCs were found influenced by additional Arctic observations. Comparisons with ensemble reanalysis data revealed that large errors propagate from the data-sparse Arctic into the mid-latitudes, together with high-potential-vorticity air. Ensemble forecast experiments with different reanalysis data confirmed that additional Arctic observations sometimes improve the initial conditions of upper-level troposphere circulations.
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