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An Approach for the Antarctic Polar Front Detection and an Analysis for its Variability

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An Approach for the Antarctic Polar Front Detection and an Analysis for its Variability
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남극 극 전선 탐지를 위한 접근법과 변동성에 대한 연구
Jinku, Park
Kim, Hyun-cheol
Hwang, Jihyun
Bae, Dukwon
Jo, Young-Heon
Other natural science
Antarctic Polar Front; Bayesian Oceanic Front Dection mode; Front dection
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Jinku, Park, et al. 2018-12. "An Approach for the Antarctic Polar Front Detection and an Analysis for its Variability". Korean Journal of Remote Sensing, 34(6-2): 1179-1192.
In order to detect the Antarctic Polar Front (PF) among the main fronts in the Southern Ocean, this study is based on the combinations of satellite-based sea surface temperature (SST) and height (SSH) observations. For accurate PF detection, we classified the signals as front or non-front grids based on the Bayesian decision theory from daily SST and SSH datasets, and then spatio-temporal synthesis has been performed to remove primary noises and to supplement geographical connectivity of the front grids. In addition, sea ice and coastal masking were employed in order to remove the noise that still remains even after performing the processes and morphology operations. Finally, we selected only the southernmost grids, which can be considered as fronts and determined as the monthly PF by a linear smoothing spline optimization method. The mean positions of PF in this study are very similar to those of the PFs reported by the previous studies, and it is likely to be well represents PF formation along the bottom topography known as one of the major influences of the PF maintenance. The seasonal variation in the positions of PF is high in the Ross Sea sector ( ∼ 180°W ), and Australia sector ( 120°E-140°E ), and these variations are quite similar to the previous studies. Therefore, it is expected that the detection approach for the PF position applied in this study and the final composite have a value that can be used in related research to be carried out on the long term time-scale.
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