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Polar Remote Sensing in Korea

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Polar Remote Sensing in Korea
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한국의 극지 원격탐사
Kim, Hyun-cheol
Hong, Sanghoon
Park, Sang-Eun
Lee, Hoonyol
Science & Technology - Other Topics
KOPRI; Polar; Sea Ice
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Kim, Hyun-cheol, et al. 2018. "Polar Remote Sensing in Korea". Korean Journal of Remote Sensing, 34(6-2): 1155-1163.
Recently, much attention has been focused on the change and role of the Arctic region due to climate change. Studies using various platforms are being conducted in the polar regions. Among them, monitoring of Arctic cryosphere information using remote sensing is the most important observational role of various scientific activities. This special issue introduces several studies on polar exploration monitoring in polar research. We hope that this special issue contributes to the sharing of information on the role of polar exploration in remote areas, as well as the identification of the current status of domestic polar exploration and remote environmental exploration. We are also looking forward to the efforts of Korean remote sensing experts to find out the persistent polar exploration field and to increase national support.
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