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Comparative Analysis of Radiative Flux Based on Satellite over Arctic

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Comparative Analysis of Radiative Flux Based on Satellite over Arctic
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북극해 지역의 위성 기반 복사 에너지 산출물의 비교 분석
Seo, Minji
Lee, EunKyung
Lee, Kyeong-sang
Choi, Sungwon
Jin, Dong-hyun
Seong, Noh-hun
Han, Hyeon-gyeong
Kim, Hyun-cheol
Han, Kyung-soo
Science & Technology - Other Topics
Arctic; CERES; GEWEX; comparative analysus; radiative flux
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Minji, Seo, et al. 2018. "Comparative Analysis of Radiative Flux Based on Satellite over Arctic". Korean Journal of Remote Sensing, 34(6-2): 1193-1202.
It is important to quantitatively analyze the energy budget for understanding of long-term climate change in Arctic. High-quality and long-term radiative parameters are needed to understand the energy budget. Since most of radiative flux components based on satellite are provide for a short period, several data must be used together. It is important to acquaint differences between data to link for conjunction with several data. In this study, we investigated the comparative analysis of Arctic radiative flux product such as CERES and GEWEX to provide basic information for data linkage and analysis of changes in Arctic climate. As a result, GEWEX was underestimated the radiative variables, and it difference between the two data was about 3 ~ 25 W/m2. In addition, the difference in high-latitude and sea ice regions have increased. In case of comparing with monthly means, the other variables except for longwave downward flux represent high difference of 9.26 ~ 26.71 W/m2 in spring-summer season. The results of this study can be used standard data for blending and selecting GEWEX and CERES radiative flux data due to recognition of characteristics according to ice-ocean area, season, and regions.
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