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Measurement of 137Cs in Ice Core Samples from Antarctica

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Measurement of 137Cs in Ice Core Samples from Antarctica
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남극 빙하코어에서 137Cs 측정
S. I. Lim
D. H. Kim
J. Y. Huh
J. Lee
I. S. Hahn
Han, Yeongcheol
Hur, Soon Do
Hwang, Heejin
W. G. Kang
Y. D. Kim
E. K. Lee
M. H. Lee
AntarcticaArtificial radioisotopesEnvironmental radiationHPGe detector
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S. I. Lim, et al. 2018. "Measurement of 137Cs in Ice Core Samples from Antarctica". JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, 73(9): 1263-1268.
Three different ice core samples from Antarctica were analyzed to identify activity concentrations of radioactive isotopes. Tracking migration of radioactive isotopes to Antarctica can provide a key clue to understand global environmental changes caused by radiation exposures because the Antarctic ice cores can preserve unique characteristics of various environmental conditions. We are particularly interested in the 137Cs nucleus, because it is closely related to radiation exposure from nuclear power plant accidents and nuclear bomb tests. With its half life of 30.17±0.03 years, 137Cs can also be used to assess the age of sedimentation occurring after around the year 1945. We selected three ice core samples, called Tarn8, Styx27, and H25, from different time periods; the Tarn8 sample is known to be from earlier than ∼ 1000 AD, the Styx27 sample is approximately from the year 1945, and the H25 sample is from the year 2012. Radioactive isotope measurements of the ice core samples were performed using a 100% HPGe detector at Cheongpyeong Underground Radiation Laboratory (CURL). We measured the activity of 137Cs in the H25 sample to be 0.98 ± 0.82 mBq/kg. Although the activity has a large uncertainty mainly due to the limited sample quantity, the 137Cs isotopes in the Antarctic ice core were measured for the first time in Korea.
Jang Bogo Station
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