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Effect of sea ice retreat on marine aerosol emissions in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica

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Effect of sea ice retreat on marine aerosol emissions in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica
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남빙양에서의 해빙후퇴가 해양 에어로졸 배출에 미치는 효과
Yan, Jinpei
Jung, Jinyoung
Lin, Qi
Zhang, Miming
Xu, Suqing
Zhao, Shuhui
Environmental Sciences & Ecology
Sea ice; Sea salt aerosols; Methane sulfonic acid (MSA); Nss-SO42-; Climate
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Yan, Jinpei, et al. 2020. "Effect of sea ice retreat on marine aerosol emissions in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica". SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 745(1): 140773-104780.
Sea ice retreat in the polar region is expected to increase the emissions of sea salt aerosols and biogenic gases, which may significantly impact the climate by increasing cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) population and changing solar radiation. In this study, aerosol compositions were measured at high-time-resolution (1 h) with an in-situ gas and aerosol composition monitoring system in polynya regions of the Southern Ocean (SO) to access the effects of sea ice concentrations on the sea salt aerosol (SSA) and secondary biogenic aerosol (SBA) in the SO. SSA emissions increased bymore than 30% as sea ice concentration decreased from85% to 29%.However, SSA emissions did not increase monotonically as the sea ice concentration decreased. The highest SSA concentration occurred in drifting sea ice region. Sea ice melting increased SBA concentrations by enhancing the air-sea exchanges of SBA precursor gases and the release of algae from sea ice. Positive correlations between SSA and wind speed were present in different sea ice regions, while SBA didn't reveal an obvious correlation with wind speed in the SO. The impact of wind speed on the SSA emissions were very different, Higher slope value of 41.83 and 35.81 were present in the DSI and SIF region, while the value was only about 16.74 in the SIC region. The results extended the knowledge of the effect of future sea ice retreat on marine aerosol emissions and potential climate changes in the polar region.
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2020-2020, Variability of carbon pump and climate control in the Southern Ocean (20-20) / Park, Jisoo (PE20140)
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