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Quantitative Analysis of Asbestos-Containing Materials Using Various Test Methods

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Quantitative Analysis of Asbestos-Containing Materials Using Various Test Methods
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X선 회절장비, 주사전자현미경, 투과전자현미경을 활용한 미량광물 검출 방법에 대한 연구
Yang, Kiho
Yoo, Kyu-Cheul
Jung, Jaewoo
Geochemistry & Geophysics; Mineralogy; Mining & Mineral Processing
asbestos; elongate mineral particles; quantitative analysis; mineral identification; powder X-ray di raction; scanning electron microscopy; transmission electron microscopy
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Yang, Kiho, Yoo, Kyu-Cheul, Jung, Jaewoo. 2020. "Quantitative Analysis of Asbestos-Containing Materials Using Various Test Methods". MINERALS, 10(6): 568-577.
The advantages of X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) analysis are its non-destructive nature, reliability, fast and easy sample preparation, and low costs. XRPD analysis has been used for mineral identification and the quantitative/qualitative determination of various types of fibrous minerals in asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). In order to test the detection limit of ACMs by XRPDD, standard samples with various concentrations of ACMs (0.1%, 1%, and 3%) were fabricated using three matrix materials (talc, vermiculite, and sepiolite). Asbestiform tremolite and chrysotile were identified in the XRPD profiles of the samples with 1% and 3% ACMs. Their integral intensities were positively correlated with the concentrations. However, the XRPD peak of asbestos was not found in the samples with 0.1% ACMs. Therefore, scanning and transmission electron microscopy were utilized to investigate the samples with a very low concentration of ACMs. Although the ACM concentration (0.1%) was negligible and its direct observation was time-consuming, electron microscopy allowed for the detection of asbestos in several matrix materials. Thus, a combination of XRPD and electron microscopy improve analytical performance and data reliability.
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