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Subnanosecond phase transition dynamics in laser-shocked iron

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Subnanosecond phase transition dynamics in laser-shocked iron
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레이저 충격으로 인한 철의 서브 나노초 상변이 다이나믹스
Hwang, H.
Galtier, E.
Cynn, H.
Eom, I.
Chun, S. H.
Bang, Y.
Hwang, G. C.
Choi, J.
Kim, T.
Kong, M.
Kwon, S.
Kang, K.
Lee, H. J.
Park, Changkun
Lee, Jong Ik
Lee, Yongmoon
Yang, W.
Shim, S.-H.
Vogt, T.
Kim, Sangsoo
Park, J.
Kim, Sunam
Nam, D.
Lee, J. H.
Hyun, H.
Kim, M.
Koo, T.-Y.
Kao, C.-C.
Sekine, T.
Lee, Yongjae
Science & Technology
iron; laser-shocked; phase transition; sub-nanosecond
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Hwang, H., et al. 2020. "Subnanosecond phase transition dynamics in laser-shocked iron". SCIENCE ADVANCES, 6(23): 1-8.
Iron is one of the most studied chemical elements due to its socio-technological and planetary importance, hence understanding its structural transition dynamics is of vital interest. By combining a short pulse optical laser and an ultra-short free electron laser pulse, we have observed, for the first time, the sub-nanosecond structural dynamics of iron from high quality X-ray diffraction data measured at 50 ps intervals up to 2500 ps. We unequivocally identify a three-wave structure during the initial compression and a two-wave structure during the decaying shock, involving all of the known structural types of iron (α, γ and ε-phases). In the final stage, negative lattice pressures are generated by the propagation of rarefaction waves leading to the formation of expanded phases and the recovery of γ-phase. Our observations demonstrate the unique capability of measuring the atomistic evolution during the entire lattice compression and release processes at unprecedented time and strain rate.
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2020-2020, Antarctic geology and meteorite research based on the Jangbogo station: Crustal evolution of Victoria Land and characteristics of asteroidal materials (20-20) / Lee, Mi Jung (PE20200)
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