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The internal origin of the west-east asymmetry of Antarctic climate change

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The internal origin of the west-east asymmetry of Antarctic climate change
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남극 비대칭적 기후 변화의 원인
Jun, Sang-Yoon
Kim, Joo-Hong
Choi, Choi
Kim, Seong-Joong
Kim, Baek-Min
An, Soon-Il
Science & Technology
Antarctic climate change; west-east Antarctic asymmetry
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Jun, Sang-Yoon, et al. 2020. "The internal origin of the west-east asymmetry of Antarctic climate change". SCIENCE ADVANCES, 6(24): 1-8.
Recent Antarctic surface climate change has been characterized by greater warming trends in West Antarctica than in East Antarctica. Although this asymmetric feature is well recognized, its origin remains poorly understood. Here, by analyzing observation data and multi-model results, we show that a westeast asymmetric internal mode amplified in austral winter originates from the harmony of the atmosphere-ocean coupled feedback off West Antarctica and the Antarctic terrain. The warmer ocean temperature over the West Antarctic sector has positive feedback, with an anomalous upper-tropospheric anti-cyclonic circulation response centered over West Antarctica, in which the strength of the feedback is controlled by the Antarctic topographic layout and the annual cycle. The current westeast asymmetry of Antarctic surface climate change is undoubtedly of natural origin because no external factors (e.g., orbital or anthropogenic factors) contribute to the asymmetric mode.
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2020-2020, Assessment for the extreme weather and climate change in Antarctica and its global influence (20-20) / Kim, Seong-Joong (PE20070)
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