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Ground-based observations for the polar upper atmosphere research at KOPRI

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Ground-based observations for the polar upper atmosphere research at KOPRI
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극지 고층대기 연구를 위한 극지연구소의 지상기반 관측
Kim, Jeong-Han
Jee, Geonhwa
Lee, Changsup
Song, In-Sun
Kwon, Hyuck-Jin
Kim, Jieun
Lee, Ji-Hee
Kam, Hosik
Song, Byeong-Gwon
Ham, Young-Bae
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Kim, Jeong-Han, et al. 2019. Ground-based observations for the polar upper atmosphere research at KOPRI. Korea Geoscience Union (KGU). Pyeongchang Alpensia. 2019.07.03~2019.07.05.
KOPRI has been conducting a number of ground-based observations for the mesosphere and lower thermosphere (MLT) region for more than a decade at Korean Arctic and Antarctic stations. In addition, recently we have been expanding the observation area into the ionosphere and thermosphere in southern high latitute region since the 2nd Korea Antarctic station, Jang Bogo Station (JBS) was established in Terra Nova Bay (74° 37′S, 164° 12′E), which is mostly located in the polar cap region, while the 1st Antarctic station, King Sejong Station (KSS), is located in the subauroral region. These stations allow us to systematically monitor the upper atmosphere including the mesosphere, thermosphere, and ionosphere, by using various optical and radar instruments such as FTS, ASC, FPI, meteor radar, digisonde, GPS etc.. In this presentation, we briefly introduce our ground-based observations for the polar upper atmosphere at Arctic and Antarctic stations, and several ongoing researches which our research group has been carrying out.
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Korea Geoscience Union (KGU)
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Pyeongchang Alpensia
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2019-2019, Understanding polar upper atmospheric changes by energy inputs from the space environment and the lower atmosphere (19-19) / Jee, Geonhwa (PE19020)
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