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Improving Future Projections of Antarctica: Observations and Modeling

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Improving Future Projections of Antarctica: Observations and Modeling
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관측 및 모델링 기반 남극 빙상변화 미래예측성 개선
Jin, Emilia Kyung
Park, In-Woo
Kim, Taekyun
Lee, Won Sang
Polar Observations and ModelingFuture Climate Projectionsice-sheet model
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Jin, Emilia Kyung, et al. 2018. Improving Future Projections of Antarctica: Observations and Modeling. Ice Sheet Dynamics Model Workshop. NIMS (National Institute for Mathematical Sciences). 2018.10.10~2018.10.12.
New modeling activity is initiated to predict the tipping point for the irreversible Antarctic melting and unstoppable sea level rise in KOPRI. Our goal is to reduce uncertainties and enhance predictability of future sea level rise by improving the ice sheet model by intensifying our understanding on the ice sheet processes and dynamics based on field observations. At first, the impact of high-resolution bed geometry data through airborne radar on the performance of ice sheet model is investigated targeting the David Glacier-Drygalski Ice Tongue, East Antarctica. The 2-dimensional (2-D) shallow shelf approximation model (MacAyeal, 1989), which is implemented in the Ice Sheet System model (ISSM) (Larour et al., 2012) is used. Sensitivity experiments are conducted to verify the significant differences induced by changes in model. A series of projected simulations are compared to explore the role of improved geometry to the grounding line migration, surface mass balance and sea level contribution based on various forcing scenarios including atmospheric forcing, floating ice melting rate, and ice front position.
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Ice Sheet Dynamics Model Workshop
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NIMS (National Institute for Mathematical Sciences)
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2018-2019, Investigating Cryospheric Evolution of the Victoria Land, Antarctica -ICE- (18-19) / Lee, Won Sang (PM18020)
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