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The Earth BioGenome Project 2020: Starting the clock

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The Earth BioGenome Project 2020: Starting the clock
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지구 바이오지놈 프로젝트 2020 : 시간의 시작
Harris A. Lewin
Stephen Richards
Erez Lieberman Aiden
Miguel L. Allende
John M. Archibald
Miklos Balint
Katharine B. Barker
Bridget Baumgartner
Katherine Belov
Giorgio Bertorelle
Mark L. Blaxter
Jing Cai
Nicolette D. Caperello
Keith Carlson
Juan Carlos Castilla-Rubio
Shu-Miaw Chaw
Lei Chen
Anna K. Childers
Jonathan A. Coddington
Dalia A. Conde
Montserrat Corominas
Keith A. Crandall
Andrew J. Crawford
Federica Di Palma
Richard Durbin
Thank God E. Ebenezer
Scott V. Edwards
Olivier Fedrigo
Paul Flicek
Giulio Formenti
Richard A. Gibbs
M. Thomas P.Gilbert
Melissa M. Goldstein
Jennifer Marshall Graves
Henry T. Greely
Igor V. Grigoriev
Kevin J. Hackett
Neil Hall
David Haussler
Kristofer M. Helgen
Carolyn J. Hogg
Sachiko Isobe
Kjetill Sigurd Jakobsen
Axel Janke
Erich D. Jarvis
Warren E. Johnson
Steven J. M.Jones
Elinor K. Karlsson
Paul J. Kersey
Kim, Jin-Hyoung
W. John Kress
Shigehiro Kuraku
Mara K. N. Lawniczak
James H. Leebens-Mack
Xueyan Li
Kerstin Lindblad-Toh
Xin Liu
Jose V. Lopez
Tomas Marques-Bonet
Sophie Mazard
Jonna A. K.Mazet
Camila J. Mazzoni
Eugene W. Myers
Rachel J. O’Neill
Sadye Paez
Hyun Park
Gene E. Robinson
Cristina Roquet
Oliver A. Ryder
Jamal S. M.Sabir
H. Bradley Shaffer
Timothy M. Shank
Jacob S.Sherkow
Pamela S. Soltis
Boping Tang
Leho Tedersoo
Marcela Uliano-Silva
Kun Wang
Xiaofeng Wei
Regina Wetzer
Julia L. Wilson
Xun Xu
Huanming Yang
Anne D. Yoder
Guojie Zhang
Issue Date
Harris A. Lewin, et al. 2022. "The Earth BioGenome Project 2020: Starting the clock". PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 119(4): 1-7.
November 2020 marked two years since the launch of the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP), which aims to sequence all known eukaryotic species in a 10­year timeframe. Since then, significant progress has been made across all aspects of the EBP roadmap, as outlined in the 2018 article describing the project’s goals, strategies, and challenges (1). The launch phase has ended and the clock has started on reaching the EBP’s major milestones. This Special Feature explores the many facets of the EBP, including a review of progress, a description of major scientific goals, exemplar projects, ethical legal and social issues, and applications of biodiversity genomics. In the Introduction, we summarize the current status of the EBP, held virtually October 5­9, including recent updates through February 2021. References to the nine Perspective articles included in this Special Feature are cited to guide the reader toward deeper understanding of the goals and challenges facing the EBP.
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