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Biogeography of Southern Ocean Active Prokaryotic Communities Over a Large Spatial Scale

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Biogeography of Southern Ocean Active Prokaryotic Communities Over a Large Spatial Scale
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큰 규모의 공간적 남극해 활성 원핵생물 군집의 생물지리학
Claudia Maturana
Jose Luis Iriarte
Ha, Sun-Yong
Lee. BoYeon
Ahn, In-Young
Maria Vernet
Mattias Cape
Camila Fernandez
Humberto E. Gonzalez
Pierre E. Galand
BiogeographyDNAFjordRNASouthern Ocean
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Claudia Maturana, et al. 2022. "Biogeography of Southern Ocean Active Prokaryotic Communities Over a Large Spatial Scale". FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY, 13(1): 1-16.
The activity of marine microorganisms depends on community composition, yet, in some oceans, little is known about the environmental and ecological processes that structure their distribution. The objective of this study was to test the effect of geographic distance and environmental parameters on prokaryotic community structure in the Southern Ocean (SO). We described the total (16S rRNA gene) and the active fraction (16S rRNA-based) of surface microbial communities over a ~6.500 km longitudinal transect in the SO. We found that the community composition of the total fraction was different from the active fraction across the zones investigated. In addition, higher α­diversity and stronger species turnover were displayed in the active community compared to the total community. Oceanospirillales, Alteromonadales, Rhodobacterales and Flavobacteriales dominated the composition of the bacterioplankton communities, however, there were marked differences at the order level. Temperature, salinity, silicic acid, particulate organic nitrogen and particulate organic carbon correlated with the composition of bacterioplankton communities. A strong distance-decay pattern between closer and distant communities was observed. We hypothesize that it was related to the different oceanic fronts present in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. Our findings contribute to a better understanding of the complex arrangement that shapes the structure of bacterioplankton communities in the SO.
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