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Antarctic Bedmap data: FAIR sharing of 60 years of ice bed, surface and thickness data

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Antarctic Bedmap data: FAIR sharing of 60 years of ice bed, surface and thickness data
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남극 베드맵 데이터: 60년 동안의 빙상, 표면 및 두께 데이터의 공유
Alice C. Fremand
Peter Fretwell
Julien A. Bodart
Hamish D. Pritchard
Alan Aitken
Jonathan L. Bamber
Robin Bell
Cesidio Bianchi
Robert G. Bingham
Donald D. Blankenship
Gino Casassa
Ginny Catania
Knut Christianson
Howard Conway
Hugh F. J. Corr
Xiangbin Cui
Detlef Damaske
Volkmar Damm
Reinhard Drews
Graeme Eagles
Olaf Eisen
Hannes Eisermann
Fausto Ferraccioli
Elena Field
Rene Forsberg
Steven Franke
Shuji Fujita
Yonggyu Gim
Vikram Goel
Siva Prasad Gogineni
Jamin Greenbaum
Benjamin Hills
Richard C. A. Hindmarsh
Andrew O. Hoffman
Per Holmlund
Nicholas Holschuh
John W. Holt
Annika N. Horlings
Angelika Humbert
Robert W. Jacobel
Daniela Jansen
Adrian Jenkins
Wilfried Jokat
Tom Jordan
Edward King
Jack Kohler
William Krabill
Mette Kusk Gillespie
Kirsty Langley
Lee, Joohan
German Leitchenkov
Carlton Leuschen
Bruce Luyendyk
Joseph MacGregor
Emma MacKie
Kenichi Matsuoka
Mathieu Morlighem
Jeremie Mouginot
Frank O. Nitsche
Yoshifumi Nogi
Ole A. Nost
John Paden
Frank Pattyn
Sergey V. Popov
Eric Rignot
David M. Rippin
Andres Rivera
Jason Roberts
Neil Ross
Anotonia Ruppel
Dustin M. Schroeder
Martin J. Siegert
Andrew M. Smith
Daniel Steinhage
Michael Studinger
Bo Sun
Ignazio Tabacco
Kirsty Tinto
Stefano Urbini
David Vaughan
Brian C. Welch
Douglas S. Wilson
Duncan A. Young
Achille Zirizzotti
60 yearsAntarcticaBEDMAP3Bed topographySCAR
Issue Date
Alice C. Fremand, et al. 2023. "Antarctic Bedmap data: FAIR sharing of 60 years of ice bed, surface and thickness data". EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE DATA, 15(7): 2695-2710.
One of the key components of this research has been the mapping of Antarctic bed topography and ice thickness parameters that are crucial for modelling ice flow and hence for predicting future ice loss and the ensuing sea level rise. Supported by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), the Bedmap3 Action Group aims not only to produce new gridded maps of ice thickness and bed topography for the international scientific community, but also to standardize and make available all the geophysical survey data points used in producing the Bedmap gridded products. Here, we document the survey data used in the latest iteration, Bedmap3, incorporating and adding to all of the datasets previously used for Bedmap1 and Bedmap2, including ice bed, surface and thickness point data from all Antarctic geophysical campaigns since the 1950s. More specifically, we describe the processes used to standardize and make these and future surveys and gridded datasets accessible under the Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) data principles.With the goals of making the gridding process reproducible and allowing scientists to re-use the data freely for their own analysis, we introduce the new SCAR Bedmap Data Portal (https://bedmap.scar.org, last access: 1 March 2023) created to provide unprecedented open access to these important datasets through a web-map interface. We believe that this data release will be a valuable asset to Antarctic research and will greatly extend the life cycle of the data held within it. Data are available from the UK Polar Data Centre: https://data.bas.ac.uk (last access: 5 May 2023). See the Data availability section for the complete list of datasets.
Jang Bogo Station
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