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UAV Based Very-High-Resolution Imaging on Barton Peninsula Antarctica

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UAV Based Very-High-Resolution Imaging on Barton Peninsula Antarctica
Park, Hong-Lyun
Park, Se-young
Hyun, Chang-Uk
Hong, Soon Gyu
Kim, Hyun-cheol
Lee, Ryoung
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Park, Hong-Lyun, et al. 2014. UAV Based Very-High-Resolution Imaging on Barton Peninsula Antarctica. 34th EARSeL Symposium. Poland. 2014.06.16-20.
UAV capable of shooting in low-altitude with an advantage of taking a high-resolution is economical and accessible way of obtaining images compared to satellite and conventional aerial photography. In this study, UAV imaging was performed to obtain very-high-resolution images in restrictive environment of Antarctic in Jan 2014. The target area was nearby the King Sejong station located in Barton Peninsula, Antarctica. As flight results, mosaicked orthoimages was produced with an extent of about 3.1 km2 around the King Sejong station. The UAV based imaging which could take very-high-resolution images economically in restricted areas as polar regions compared to satellite and aerial photography will be used to various fields of study.
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34th EARSeL Symposium
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