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2014-2016, Long-Term Ecological Researches on King George Island to Predict Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change (14-16) / Hong; Soon Gyu

Principal Investigator
Hong; Soon Gyu
Project Period
The purpose of this study is to understand ecosystem changes of King George Island according to the climate change. The Barton Peninsula of King George Island, where the King Sejong Station is located, is a place composed of various geomorphological features including mountains and canyons, high-altitude steep areas and low-altitude flat areas. Areas of steep, high-altitude land are generally covered with stones, while flat, low-altitude areas are generally covered in soil. Snow remain patterns, water flow, soil water contents, sunlight exposure are affected by geomorphological features, which leads to highly diverse environmental conditions despite the small size of the Barton Peninsula. Each species of mosses and lichens exhibit different preference for light and water, and the terrestrial ecosystems of the Barton Peninsula are composed of diverse species of moss and lichen. Accurate information for geo-topology is a prerequisite to understand environmental conditions to which each species of moss and lichen are adapted, and to predict the potential results of climate change in the future.

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