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Group association and vocal behaviour during foragingtrips in Gentoo penguins

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Group association and vocal behaviour during foragingtrips in Gentoo penguins
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펭귄의 집단 형성과 음성 신호전달
Choi, Noori
Lee, Won Young
Chung, Hosung
Park, Seongseop
Kokubun, Nobuo
Kim, Jeong-Hoon
Science & Technology - Other Topics
animal-borne camera; foraging behaviour; gentoo penguin; group association; vocal communication
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Choi, Noori, et al. 2017. "Group association and vocal behaviour during foragingtrips in Gentoo penguins". SCIENTIFIC REPORTS(1): 7570-7570.
In contrast to their terrestrial call, the offshore call of penguins during their foraging trips has been poorly studied due to the inaccessibility of the foraging site―the open ocean―to researchers. Here, we present the first description of the vocal behaviour of penguins in the open ocean and discuss the function of their vocal communication. We deployed an animal-borne camera on gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) and recorded their foraging behaviour during chick guarding. From the video recordings, we collected 598 offshore calls from 10 individuals in two breeding seasons (2014-2015 and 2015-2016), and we analysed the acoustic characteristics and behavioural contexts of these calls, including diving patterns, group association events, and foraging behaviour. The offshore calls varied in their dominant frequency and length, and penguins produced calls of different lengths in succession. Group associations were observed within one minute following an offshore call in almost half of the instances (43.18%). Penguins undertook dives of shallower depths and shorter durations after producing an offshore call than those before producing an offshore call. Our findings show that penguins may use vocal communication in the ocean related with group association during foraging trips.
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