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Establishing Korean Polar Data Management Policy and Its Future Directions

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Establishing Korean Polar Data Management Policy and Its Future Directions
Jin, Dongmin
Lee, Mincheol
data management Policy; KPDC; Korea Polar Data Center; Antarctic Data; Arctic Data; Polar Data; Data management Plan
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Jin, Dongmin, Lee, Mincheol. 2014-10-30. "Establishing Korean Polar Data Management Policy and Its Future Directions". Data Science Journal, 13.
Korea implemented its Antarctic research program in 1987 and diversified to the Arctic in 2002. Since the development of the Joint Committee on Antarctic Data Management, Korea has acknowledged the importance of data management. The launch of the Korea Polar Research Institute in 2004 also saw establishment of the Korea Polar Data Center (KPDC), which outlines and executes a Polar Data Management Policy. KPDC has set up an Information Technology infrastructure and has developed a metadata management system. However, there is still a long way to go, especially in terms of raising researcher recognition for improving data registration and sharing.
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