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Genomic blueprint of Hahella chejuensis, a marine microbe producing an algicidal agent

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Genomic blueprint of Hahella chejuensis, a marine microbe producing an algicidal agent
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살조효능을 생산하는 해양미생물 하헬라 JeJu엔시스의 유전체청사진
Jeong, Haeyoung
Park, Kyun Hyang
Park, Seung-Hwan
Park, Hong-Seog
Yim, Joung Han
Choi, Sang-Haeng Park, Yon Kyoung
Kim, Ji Hyun
Oh, T.K.
Lee, Hong Kum
Kang, Ho-Young Kim, Dockyu Lee, Hyun Hee
Yoon, Sung Ho Hur, Cheol-Goo
Lee, Choonghwan
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
gamma proteobacter; genomic sequensing; hahella chejuensis; red pigment; red-tide
Issue Date
Oxford journals
Jeong, Haeyoung, et al. 2005. "Genomic blueprint of Hahella chejuensis, a marine microbe producing an algicidal agent". Nucleic Acids Research, 33(22): 1-10.
Harmful algal blooms, commonly called red tides, are phenomena caused by rapid proliferation and accumulation of certain microalgae in the ocean1. They increasingly haunt the coastal waters throughout the world in recent years, posing gruesome impacts on marine environments, aquatic industries, and public health2-5. Here we present the 7.2-megabase genome sequence of the marine heterotroph Hahella chejuensis and its pigment showing the lytic activity against red-tide phytoplanktons. Sequence analysis indicates that it has a large number of genes involved in regulation or transport, as well as a multitude of genes of functional equivalence or of possible foreign origin. Functions encoded in genomic islands include biosynthesis of exopolysacchrides, secondary metabolites and toxins, motility, adhesion, type III protein secretion, and pigmentation. Structural analysis of the pigment indicated that it is the well-known antibiotic prodigiosin. The pigment showed algicidal activity even at parts-per-billion concentrations. Collectively, our results suggest that H. chejuensis is well adapted to the marine environments employing diverse survival strategies, and the bacterium or its algicidal pigment might be feasible for use in mitigating algal blooms
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