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The trends and ourlook of technology development for oil and gas in the Arctic

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The trends and ourlook of technology development for oil and gas in the Arctic
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북극 석유천연가스 자원 기술개발 현황 및 전망
Lim, Jong-Se
Jin, Young Keun
Kim, Ji-Su
Shin, Hyo-Jin
Arctic; Oil and Gas; exploration and production
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Lim, Jong-Se, et al. 2014. "The trends and ourlook of technology development for oil and gas in the Arctic". Ocean and Polar Research, 36(3): 303-318.
The rising global demand for energy resources may lead to greater interest in the Arctic region. Since it has various resources, such as oil and gas, and large potential as a strategic location in exploration and production (E&P), there is likely to occur island sovereignty issues between the five arctic costal states and other countries. While global warming has led to the opening of the Northeast Passage and the Northwest Passage, several obstacles may impede the development of this area such as the low temperature environment, infrastructure problems in a limited area, flow assurance, environmental regulations, etc. To overcome these problems, various techniques have been applied in the exploration, development, production, transportation, and environment fields and it seems to be made technical development in extreme environment. In this study, the E&P status of representative states and development technologies in the Arctic region have been summarized with regard to carrying out E&P related to drilling, development, production, and operation in oil and gas fields. Furthermore, environmental factors have been taken into account to enhance progress with regard to E&P and ensure sustainable development in the Arctic. On that basis, it will be possible to secure oil and gas field development, production technology and R&D infrastructure in the Arctic.
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