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Tectonic Features along the South Scotia Ridge, Antarctica

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Tectonic Features along the South Scotia Ridge, Antarctica
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남극해 남스코시아 해령 주변의 지체구조
Park, Minkyu
Hong, Jong Kuk
Nam, SangHeon
Lee, Ju-Han
Jin, Young Keun
Environmental Sciences & Ecology
South Scotia Ridge; Antarctic sea; Seismic survey; transtensional tectonics; central depression
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Park, Minkyu, et al. 2005. "Tectonic Features along the South Scotia Ridge, Antarctica". Korean Geophysical Society, 8(4): 215-219.
Multichannel seismic survey has conducted along the South Scotia Ridge which is located in the northernpart of Weddell sea, Antarctic sea. The South Scotia Ridge is part of continental crust extended fromAntarctic Peninsula. It borders on Oceanic plates, the Scotia sea plate and Powell basin. Transtensionaltectonics along the sinistral transform fault plate boundary led to the creation of the present tectonicgeomorphology of the South Scotia Ridge. The fan-shaped deposits with angular unconformities inthe central depression is interpreted as a divergent tectonic movement along the ridge.
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