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Geomagnetic field monitoring at King Sejong Station, Antarctica

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Geomagnetic field monitoring at King Sejong Station, Antarctica
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남극 세종기지에서의 지자기 모니터링
Kim, Dongil
Jin, Young Keun
Lee, Ju-Han
Nam, SangHeon
Environmental Sciences & Ecology
Antarctica; King Sejong Station; geomagnetic field; annual variation; magnetic storm; absolute geomagnetic measurement
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Kim, Dongil, et al. 2004. "Geomagnetic field monitoring at King Sejong Station, Antarctica". Korean Geophysical Society(1): 11-21.
The variation of geomagnetic field and absolute magnetic field at the geomagnetic observatory ofKing Sejong Station has been measured with 3-component ring core fluxgate magnetometer, protonmagnetometer and D-I magnetometer. With data obtained from King Sejong Station during 2003, thediurnal and annual variations of geomagnetic field were researched and compared with those at otherobservatories. The deviation of daily variation of magnetic field in antarctica decreased gradually duringwinter season due to sun effect. The rates of componental annual variation of magnetic field at KingSejong Station were calculated using the least-square method under the assumption that the annualvariation of magnetic field is linear. The rates are -55.93 nT/year in horizontal intensity, -0.87 min./yearin declination, 58.30 nT/year in vertical intensity, and -69.85 nT/year in total intensity of magneticfield. A remarkable variation was caused by the magnetic storms occurred on 29~30 October, whichwere so powerful that the variation was observed in mid latitudes as well as high latitudes. The valuesof variation are generally 1500 2000 nT in Antarctica including King Sejong Station, 350 500 nTin East Asia. The measurement of absolute magnetic field shows that ring core fluxgate magnetometerhas relatively large error range under cold temperature.
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