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서남극 맥스웰만에서 산출된 홀로세 규조 연구

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서남극 맥스웰만에서 산출된 홀로세 규조 연구
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서남극 맥스웰만에서 산출된 홀로세 규조 연구
Lee, Jong-Deock
Bak, Young-Suk
Yoon, Ho Il
core sediments; neritic benthic diatoms; meltwater; Holoce; warm period; ice conditions
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Lee, Jong-Deock, et al. 2004. "서남극 맥스웰만에서 산출된 홀로세 규조 연구". The Geological Society Of Korea, 40(4): 455-468.
A total of 60 species and varieties belonging to 33 genera is identified from the Core GC00-MX2 in the Maxwell Bay of the South Shetland Islands, Western Antarctica. The Holocene diatom assemblages from the core are characterized by predominance (about 50.3% of the total) of Cocconeis costata, Fragilariopsis kerguelensis, Rhizosolenia styliformis, Thalassiosira antarctica, T. glacilis and T. rentiginosa. The neritic benthic diatoms, such as Acanthes sp., Cocconeis costata, Grammatophora sp., Licomphora sp., Navicula directa, Pseudogomphonema sp., and Trachyneis aspera, which are introduced by glacier meltwater, indicate a warm event during the sedimentation periods. The lower horizons of the core (592 cm~208 cm) are characterized by high abundance of Chaetoceros resting spore, indicating input of sea-ice meltwater. In contrast, the abundance of this resting spore in upper horizons is gradually decreased from 208 cm horizon upward. As a result, the lower horizons of the core were influenced by open marine conditions and ice conditions, and the upper horizons changed to ice conditions(cold) in core intervals of 176 cm to 96 cm.
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