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Phylogenetic Analysis of Culturable Arctic Bacteria

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Phylogenetic Analysis of Culturable Arctic Bacteria
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배양된 북극 미생물의 계통 분석
Kang, Sung-Ho
Kim, Yeadong
Lee, Yoo Kyung
Lee, Hong Kum
Cho, Kyeung Hee
Kim, Hyo Won
Arctic bacteria; Pseudomonas; Arthrobacter; Flavobacterium; Achromobacter; Pedobacter; Psychrobacter
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Kang, Sung-Ho, et al. 2004. "Phylogenetic Analysis of Culturable Arctic Bacteria". Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology, 26(1): 51-58.
We isolated and identified culturable Arctic bacteria that had inhabited soils around the Korean Arctic Research Station Dasan located at Ny-Alsund, Svalbard, Norway (79oN, 12oE). The collected soils were diluted in distilled water;the diluted soil-water was spread on 3 M petri-films at Dasan Station. The petri-films were transported to the laboratory at KORDI, and cultured at 4oC. Colonies grown on the petri-films were subsequently cultured on nutrient agar plates at 4oC every 7 days. The pure colonies were inoculated into nutrient liquid media, genomic DNA was extracted, and phylogenetic analysis was performed on the basis of 16S rDNA sequences. A total of 227 strains of bacteria were isolated. Among them, 16S rDNA sequences of 185 strains were identical with those of known strains isolated in this study, and 42 strains were finally identified. Phylogenetic analysis using 16S rDNA indicated that the 30 strains belonged to Pseudomonas, 7 strains to Arthrobacter, two strains to Flavobacterium, and the remaining to Achromobacter, Pedobacter, and Psychrobacter. Among the 42 strains, 14 bacteria produced protease: they were 6 strains of Pseudomonas, 4 strains of Arthrobacter, an Achromobacter strain, 2 strains of Flavobacterium, and a Pedobacter strain. We expect these Arctic bacteria can be used for screening to develop new industrial enzymes that are active at low temperatures.
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