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New age constraints for hominid footprints found on Jeju Island, South Korea

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New age constraints for hominid footprints found on Jeju Island, South Korea
Kim, Jeong Yul
Kim, Cheong-Bin
Lim, Hyoun Soo
Kim, Kyung Soo
Anthropology; Archaeology; Geology
Korea; Late Pleistocene; hominid footprints; proboscidean footprints; radiocarbon dating
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Kim, Jeong Yul, et al. 2010. "New age constraints for hominid footprints found on Jeju Island, South Korea". Journal of Archaeological Science, 37(12): 3338-3343.
In 2004 numerous hominid footprints, along with diverse animal footprints, were found in the Late Quaternary strata of Jeju Island, South Korea. However, the age of the sediments in which the footprints were found is still controversial. Previous age estimates included radiocarbon ages of ca. 15,000 yr BP (Late Pleistocene) and quartz optically stimulated luminescence ages of ca. 7000 yr BP (mid-Holocene). In this study we report on 11 AMS 14C dating results from a new set of samples collected from the footprint-bearing strata and from associated sediments. Despite some variations and age reversal, all samples collected from the footprint-bearing strata yielded 14C ages of late Pleistocene. These ages are comparable with previous radiocarbon dating results. Furthermore, the presence of the proboscidean footprints attributable to woolly mammoths in the footprint-bearing strata supports the radiocarbon dating results. Based on the new radiocarbon dates and the presence of the alleged mammoth footprints, the age of the hominid footprints found at Jeju Island is thought to be late Pleistocene (about 19,000e25,000 cal yr BP). Therefore, this is the second discovery of hominid footprints dated to the Pleistocene age in Asia, and the first to be discovered in Korea.
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