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First simultaneous multistation observations of the polar cap thermospheric winds

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First simultaneous multistation observations of the polar cap thermospheric winds
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극관지역 멀티 기지에서의 첫번째 열권 바람관측
Qian Wu
Roger H. Varney
William Ward
Kim, Yong Ha
Kim, Jeong-Han
Lee, Changsup
Jee, Geonhwa
Astronomy & Astrophysics
극관 고층대기; 열권바람
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Qian Wu, et al. 2017. "First simultaneous multistation observations of the polar cap thermospheric winds". JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SPACE PHYSICS, 122(1): 907-915.
Based on two northern (Eureka 80.0N, 85.9W, MLAT 88, and Resolute, 74.7N, 94.8W, MLAT 83) and one southern (Jang Bogo, 74.7S, 164.2E, MLAT 77) polar cap stations, simultaneous thermospheric wind data during the northern (December) and southern (June) winter month were obtained and compared with the NCAR TIEGCM model simulations driven by the Weimer ion convection model. The TIEGCM simulation overestimates the thermospheric wind by 30 to 60 %. The thermospheric winds at Eureka were larger than those at Resolute probably because Eureka is at high geomagnetic latitude. The observed ion drifts observed by RISR-N (Resolute Incoherent Scatter Radar North face) at Resolute also show the Weimer ion convection model overestimate the ion drift. The observation and simulation also appear to suggest the ion convection pattern in the Weimer model may be too large. The observed thermospheric winds at Jang Bogo are smaller than the TIEGCM but mostly in the zonal component. That the thermospheric winds are smaller at Jang Bogo than the two northern stations is likely due to its lower magnetic latitude. The results indicate the presence of internal structure in the thermospheric winds inside the polar cap and call for more observations in the polar cap to be undertaken.
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